Collect America, now SquareTwo Financial, aka CACV or CACH, is one of the largest debt buyers in the country.

At the time that I worked there, they had approximately 30 offices and over 600 debt collectors.

This award was for collecting the most money out of all of them.

This document is related to the Postdated Check record that I broke at IC System.

At the time that I worked there, IC System employed over 1,000 debt collectors and had been around for more than 50 years.

This was after being in debt collections for five months. I was 19 years old.

This shows where I tripled the previous office record of $29,000 and almost doubled the company record of $54,000.

View the stat sheets below for more information.


About Jared Strauss

When I was in the collection industry, I took the exact same approach that I take today with my clients. I was reasonable and logical, I treated people the way I wanted to be treated myself, I made it a point to be as approachable and friendly as possible, and I took the time to understand each situation so I could play the role of problem solver rather than debt collector.

I quickly learned that people who are behind on their debts want to pay their bills. And that the reason they don’t is simply due to the fact that they can’t afford them.

That’s why I started my company. So I could help people who normally couldn’t afford to resolve their past-due debts, do so.

I’m not a big fan of talking about myself. However, if I don’t, you won’t understand why I’m one of the most honest and qualified people in this country to help you resolve your debt.

Hiring me to help you with settling your debts is like bringing Gordon Ramsay to a chili cook-off as your partner. I can’t help but laugh when I read that back to myself. But, it’s true!

Google SquareTwo Financial. This is one of the largest debt buyers in the country. They employ some of the best debt collectors in the industry. Earning Collector of the Year out of all those offices and all those collectors is what I consider my finest achievement while I was in collections.

I also held positions of Collection Manager, Corporate Trainer, and Director of Collection Operations. All by the time I was 24 years old. I’ve worked for large third-party collection agencies, collection attorneys, and large debt buyers.

I’ve collected on credit cards, medical, dental, utilities, signature loans, auto deficiencies, apartment leases, and health clubs. I have a full understanding of the intricacies of each of these debt classes.

I probably sound really pompous right now. I promise I’m not. Again, if I don’t point these things out to you, you would never know of the value I can provide to you and your situation.

My collection career highlights:

  • While I was at the Law Office of P. Scott Lowery I was the 1999 Collect America Collector of the Year (out of 30 offices and over 600 collectors)
  • Only Collect America collector ever to be in the top 10 of production nationally (out of 30 offices and over 600 collectors) for 12 consecutive months (from July 1999-June 2000)
  • While I was at IC System I was the Top Collector for my division for 12 consecutive months and the Western Union Champion Collector for the 3rd Quarter of 1995
  • Almost doubled IC System Company Wide Postdated Check Record
  • More than tripled IC System Mason City, IA Postdated Check Record
  • Director of Collection Operations at the Law Office of D. Michael Dendy

jared strauss history in debt settlement

My history in debt settlement…

I started Debt Relief Á la carte in January of 2002. It was originally called Strauss & Associates. I changed the name back in 2011 to better reflect the vision of my company. Strauss & Associates was too general. I also relocated my company from Denver, Colorado to Tulsa, Oklahoma in April of 2012 to be closer to family.

Since my company’s inception back in 2002, I’ve limited my debt settlement services just to consumers who could settle their debts right away, because it’s the only reliable way to offer debt settlement.

Since that time, we’ve been the only debt settlement company in the country to do so.

And because of this ethical stance that puts consumers first: my company has the highest success rate in the debt relief industry.

From my experience in collections, I recognized that the only way to reliably solve someone’s debt problem was to review their ability to resolve their debts via their assets rather than their future income.

If you possess an asset that may enable you to settle your delinquent debts right away, you will benefit from the most protection possible when settling. Since my objective when you hire me is to settle your debts at the same time, you will have the option of knowing exactly what your outcome is before you actually spend any money.

And in the event that you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your negotiated settlements and you choose not to settle any of your debts, you’re free to walk away from my service with absolutely no charge.

I want you to be comfortable and confident about your dealings with me at all times. This is my way of making sure that you are.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

If you’re contemplating the idea of settling your debts, please don’t jump in head first. Please refer to my detailed break down of the “typical collection cycle” to gain a better understanding of how debt settlement works.

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  • This was from the IC System monthly newsletter in July 1995.

    These are the monthly stat sheets from my time at IC System.