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Debt settlement is a niche service. Unfortunately, in order to broaden the ability for consumers to qualify for their debt settlement service, most debt settlement companies offer long-term debt settlement programs that are very dangerous for consumers. In order to be successful with settling your debts, you need the money to settle them. If you can’t generate the money necessary to settle your debts fairly quickly, debt settlement is not an approach that you should employ.

There is only one way to offer debt settlement in a successfully reliable way. I call it Simultaneous Debt Settlement. For 14 years now, I have limited my debt settlement service to this approach. My strategy is simple. I review your net worth to determine if you have the ability to generate the funds needed to settle ALL of your delinquent, unsecured debts right away and at the same time.



debt settlement services


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  • I take a different approach to debt settlement by reviewing your ability to settle your debt right away, rather than the typical 36-48 month approach.


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  • My average debt settlement client is with me for 108 days.

How My Debt Settlement Service Works


debt settlement plan
  • When I review your situation during your free consult, I itemize your net worth to identify your potential financial resources that would allow you to settle your debts right away.
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  • This net-worth assessment will also provide you and I with a general idea on any potential tax liability that may be created when settling your debts.
    Knowing the potential tax liability up front will allow you to determine if settling your debts still makes fiscal sense.
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  • Once you’re familiar with all of the potential costs and you decide that my service makes sense, you will have the option to hire me to make 3-way conference calls with you to negotiate your enrolled accounts, all at once.
    The fee I charge is based off your success: 10-15% of what you SAVE.


settle with collection agency
  • You will have the option to not spend any money until you know what all of your enrolled debts will settle for and if the outcome solves your problem.
    If you don’t like the result and decide not to settle any of your debts, you will not be charged.

Learn more about my service guarantee.

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  • After successful negotiations with your creditors, you will receive your agreements to settle in writing. Once you receive each letter from each creditor, you will pay them directly.
    The only funds directed to me is for my fee.

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Disclosure: I may be financially compensated by any of the entities that I recommend on this website. All recommendations are provided purely based on who I feel the most comfortable with for the particular scenario.

How to break down your debt relief options…

It’s very likely that you don’t have the financial resources to settle all of your delinquent debts simultaneously. If you don’t and your accounts are less than 6 months past due, the first thing you may want to consider is how many debts you can settle right away, and if re-aging (bring current, pay off normally through payments – option only available on pre-charged off accounts) the remaining accounts will lower your monthly expenses enough to solve your problem.

The advantages to this approach are: you will gain control over your finances by lowering your monthly bills, you will resolve your delinquencies and begin to recover, you will have active payment history reporting to your credit report (which in theory will help you rebuild your credit score more quickly), and you will avoid the risks that are associated with settling your debts over a long period of time.

Feel free to contact me and I will dissect your finances to see if this is an available option for you.

If you lack the ability to generate the funds needed to settle your accounts simultaneously, I HIGHLY recommend that you speak with Charles Phelan over at ZipDebt.

I make this recommendation because Charles limits his service to people who can settle their debts in 18 months or less. In my opinion, an easy way for consumers to identify a debt settlement company’s credibility is by evaluating the duration of time they permit when offering their program. The reason for this is due to the simple fact that the longer it takes you to settle your debts, the less likely you will successfully do so.

I don’t believe debt settlement companies who offer programs beyond 2 years time have your best interest at heart. I believe these companies only make these longer program lengths available purely to get more people to qualify for their service. Most people just don’t have the resources to settle simultaneously or in 18 months or less.

ZipDebt is a boutique, like my company. Charles is very knowledgeable about this industry and is very capable. He is also very selective in the sense that he makes sure that he is a good fit for your problem. His fees are also similar to mine. I trust him completely.

Additionally, I HIGHLY recommend Michael Bovee over at The Consumer Recovery Network. Michael has a very extensive website regarding all things debt. If you’re interested in researching your options further, Michael’s website is great for that.

If you can’t settle your debts in 18 months or less, or if you prefer to avoid the adversarial aspects of settling your debts over time, you may want to call your creditors and ask about a hardship plan. Hardship plans are generally available previous to your accounts charging off. Hardship plans are a form of DIY Debt Management to where your creditors may lower your interest rates and payments.

If you would prefer to learn more about credit counseling companies, I recommend reading Michael Bovee’s material about credit counseling services.

These are your more reliable options for resolving your situation without bankruptcy. If none of the above options are within your financial abilities, I highly recommend that you make an appointment to speak with a bankruptcy attorney to become educated about how bankruptcy will work for you.

Your other option is to do nothing. However, there is a lot to contemplate if these are the two options that you’re forced to consider. Please see my article on how to talk to debt collectors to learn more.

Please understand, this is general advice and each situation is a little different. So please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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