Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? A Reliable Alternative Exists

Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? A Reliable Alternative Exists

Ask yourself one question. If you could settle your debts for roughly half of what you owe, would a Chapter 13 bankruptcy still make sense?

The possible silver lining with finding out a Chapter 13 is your only bankruptcy option is that you may have access to funds that may allow you to settle your debts quickly. And, if you do, you may be able to produce an end result that could be much more favorable than a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

How to Avoid Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Compare Chapter 13 vs Settling Right Away


  • Time to complete
  • Time to recover
  • Uncertainty
  • Typical fee
  • Typical success rate

Chapter 13


  • 3–5 years

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy generally ranges from 3 5 years to discharge.

  • 5-7 Years

    It depends on the length of your chapter 13. You will generally regain new unsecured credit within 24 months of completing chapter 13. So, 5–7 years.


    Your Chapter 13 plan will generally be fixed. Meaning that once your terms are finalized they shouldn’t change.

    However, the reason there is a medium level of uncertainty is due to the risk of not completing your Chapter 13, as the success rates for chapter 13 are quite low.

  • $2,000–$3,000

    The fee to file Chapter 13 generally ranges from $2,000 – $2,500.

  • Fairly Low

    Fairly low, it is reported that the success rates for chapter 13 bankruptcies are 20 – 40%. However, it may be possible to convert your chapter 13 into a chapter 7 bankruptcy, if you are unsuccessful.

Settling Right Away


  • On average 108 days

    Between my time in collections and debt settlement, I have helped thousands of people figure out ways to settle their debts quickly. And most of them were not aware of their ability to do so.

    So please, do not blindly dismiss your ability to settle your debts right away.

    I offer free consultations where I breakdown your finances to determine your ability. The worst case scenario is you do not have a way and I educate you about your other more safe and reliable debt relief options.

  • Approximately 2 years

    You will generally regain new unsecured credit within 24 months of completing my service – provided that I resolve all of your delinquent accounts. Based on my averages, 2 years and 3 months.

    Providing that you do not have any lates on your mortgage history, you should also generally qualify (credit-wise) for a conventional mortgage after 24 months. And if you wanted to buy or refinance via FHA, you should generally qualify (credit-wise) after 12 months.

  • Known

    Since I only take on clients who can settle their debts right away, I am able to offer you a level of protection that no long-term debt settlement program can offer.

    Since I negotiate all of your enrolled accounts at the same time, with the goal of settling them at the same time, I am able to give you the option of knowing exactly what each and every creditor will settle for, before paying your settlements.

  • 10-15% of savings

    I charge 15% of what I save you if your total enrolled debt is less than $150,000.

    I charge 12% of what I save you if your total enrolled debt is between $150,000 and $299,999.

    I charge 10% of what I save you if your total enrolled debt is $300,000 or more.

  • HIGH

    From 1/1/12-6/15/17, 96.97% of all enrolled accounts have been settled or entered into a payment plan.

debt settlement mistake

There is a right and wrong way to perform debt settlement…

When considering debt settlement vs Chapter 13 bankruptcy it is important you understand that there are two ways to execute debt settlement. One way is the long-term method (generally over 24-48 months) which puts you in an adversarial situation with your creditors over a long period of time, stunts your ability to rehabilitate and recover, greatly increases your chances of being sued, exposes you to potentially years worth of interest, and according to our Federal government has less than a 10% completion rate (page 2, paragraph 1).

There is a decent chance that if Chapter 13 bankruptcy is your only bankruptcy option that you may have an asset that you could liquidate to settle your debts right away. Since you’ll generally settle your credit card debts in a matter of months with my approach, you will minimize the adversarial nature of debt settlement, rehabilitate and recover much more quickly, minimize your exposure to lawsuits, minimize your exposure to interest, and you’ll benefit from the high probability of success.

debt settlement mistake

My Chapter 13 alternative


settling debt
  • First I review your income and expense situation to determine how much you need to lower your monthly expenses in order to create a comfortable, affordable situation going forward.
debt help
  • Then I review how much of your expenses are associated with unsecured debts and determine if you have the ability to settle those debts right away in order to lower your monthly expenses to a comfortably affordable level.
settle with debt collector
  • If you do, you will have the option to enter into contract with us to have me help you negotiate your enrolled accounts all at once.
    The only fee I charge is based off your success: 10-15% of what I save you.


settle with collection agency
  • You will have the option to not spend any money until you know what all of your enrolled debts will settle for and if the outcome solves your problem.
    If you don’t like the result and decide not to settle any of your debts, you will not be charged.

Learn more about my service guarantee.

settle with attorney
  • After successful negotiations with your creditors, you will receive your agreements to settle in writing. Once you receive each letter from each creditor, you will pay them directly.
    The only funds paid to us are our fee.

negotiate with debt collectors

Read this testimonial from a previous client to gain a better understanding of the service I offer…

I am writing this letter to express my most sincere appreciation for the services you recently provided me regarding the settlement of my credit card accounts.

As you are well aware, prior to meeting you, I couldn’t meet the minimum payments on each of my nine credit accounts, and my creditors were relentlessly pursuing me via telephone, mail, and by filing civil complaints against me in both District and County court. I was emotionally and financially devastated, and felt bankruptcy was my only option. I was in a world of seclusion, as I avoided all phone calls at both work and home, continually screening them to avoid speaking to the collectors, knowing I didn’t have anything left to offer them.

You lifted the world off my shoulders by doing what seemed impossible, negotiating a reasonable settlement simultaneously with each of my nine creditors.

As you know, my financial avalanche started when I lost over $60,000 by falling victim to an investment fraud scheme, with no hope of recovering any of my losses. I had obtained most of the money that I had invested by withdrawing large cash sums from my multiple credit card accounts. Prior to this, I had made all of my credit card payments on time and with no problems, as I had a perfect credit score, and was able to get large amounts of cash without a problem, all at relatively low introductory interest rates.

It soon became apparent that I was in trouble when my investment dividends dried up, and I was left to pay my large credit balances personally. Unfortunately, I soon began relying on cash withdrawals from other credit accounts to make payments on my delinquent accounts. I began to fall into a death-spiral of ever increasing debt load, late fees, over-limit fees, and incrementally increasing interest rates. After about a year and a half, my $60,000 debt load had mushroomed to over $93,000 dollars, and I began seeking bankruptcy advice from two different attorneys.

Both attorneys advised me that bankruptcy was the best option to resolve my debt issues and that settling with my creditors would be extremely difficult due to the large number of creditors and problems with getting them all to simultaneously agree on a settlement. I wanted to avoid bankruptcy if at all possible and was desperately seeking other options to no avail, until I met you.

My financial destiny changed that day, as you offered me hope that a resolution with my creditors could be found, a path that my attorneys said was not practical or even possible. The settlement agreement you obtained for me allowed me to resolve my debt issues for approximately $30,000 (less than 1/3 the amount due) and avoid bankruptcy, a win-win deal for both myself and my creditors. I thank you again for making such a positive contribution to my life.

I invite you to give copies of this letter to others who may be in desperate need of financial assistance. If I can be of any assistance to you or your clients, please give me a call.



The testimonial is an example of past performance and is not intended to be a guarantee of any future settlement results.

Read additional debt settlement testimonials.

The idea is to create an opportunity for you to pay when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to…

It creates a win-win for everyone involved. You avoid Chapter 13 bankruptcy and your creditors collect on an account that they may not collect on otherwise.

For additional information about debt settlement versus Chapter 13 bankruptcy, please see my 4-part series about how debt settlement works.

Please feel free to review some of my debt settlement success stories to get a better understanding of what I do.

Written by Jared Strauss

Jared Strauss

I help people settle ALL of their delinquent debts at the same time. I charge 10-15% of what I save you.

I don’t offer a long-term program. I limit my service because debt settlement isn’t successfully reliable if you can’t settle your delinquent debts quickly.

I was formerly one of the most successful debt collectors in the country. And don’t worry, I wasn’t one of those huffy-puffy types. I also held positions of Collection Manager, Corporate Trainer, and Director of Collection Operations. I’ve worked for large third-party collection agencies, collection attorneys and large debt buyers. (full bio)

I’ve dedicated my website towards truly explaining how debt settlement really works and to dispel the myths revolving around credit and debt.

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