4 Accounts Totaling $40,931.91

This client was in the early stages of delinquency. They enrolled 5 accounts but lacked the financial ability to settle all of them.

Since their accounts were still with the original creditors my strategy was to negotiate with all of their delinquent accounts to see who would settle for the least amount. That way my client could settle the most for their money and re-age (bring the account current and maintain payments) any remaining accounts.

I was able to settle 4 out of the 5 accounts before they charged-off, and I negotiated a re-age on the remaining account. This way my client resolved all of their delinquencies and started to recover.

  • Settled 4 accounts for $19,171.05
  • Took 120 days
  • Reduced debt by $21,760.86
  • Including my fee, this client spent a total of $22,435.18 to resolve $40,931.91
  • Including my fee, 54.81% of what was owed
  • Client acquired the funds to settle via a loan from a family member

*The demonstrated fee calculation is based on 15% of savings

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They’re ordered by the date the settlement was reached

Please understand that these success stories are not published for the purpose of creating expectations of similar settlement percentages. The amount I am able to settle accounts for varies from client to client and is dependent on a host of factors. The purpose of my success stories is so you may view my service in action and get a better understanding of how my service works. If you’re interested in finding out what I may be able to settle your debts for please feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

The percentages saved are on the balance at the time of settlement. These examples of past performance are not intended to be a guarantee of any future settlement results.




Balance: $14,910.00
Settlement: $6,445.00
Percentage Saved: 57%


Bank of America

Balance: $5,757.91
Settlement: $2,591.05
Percentage Saved: 55%


Wells Fargo

Balance: $12,230.69
Settlement: $6,115.00
Percentage Saved: 50%




Balance: $8,033.31
Settlement: $4,020.00
Percentage Saved: 50%

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